Brown Mold

Level 2 Obstacle
XP 125

Hazard: Brown mold fills one square (the square is difficult terrain). The temperature is noticeably colder within 6 squares.
Perception: No check necessary.
Additional Skill: Dungeoneering (DC 20 identifies it as brown mold).
Trigger: A warm-blooded creature passing within one square of the mold triggers it.

Standard action; close burst 1
Attack: +5 vs. Fortitude
Damage: 3d6 cold damage, and 3 ongoing cold damage (only halted by leaving the adjacent square).

A character may move into a patch of brown mold without triggering warmth drain only by application of oil of life masking, an amulet of Carnax or use of any other masking power. Simple illusions that merely give the appearance of undead do not apply.

Upgrade to Elite (XP 250)
• Increase the Dungeoneering DCs by 2.
• Increase the damage to 2d10 cold damage, and 5 ongoing cold damage.


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