Fenlurk Choker (Grindylow)

Level 6 Lurker
Medium natural humanoid; XP 250

Initiative +7; Senses Perception +4, darkvision
HP 54, bloodied 27
AC 20, Fortitude 21, Reflex 22, Will 21
Speed 6, swim 12, climb 8 (spider climb)

Basic Melee/ Tentacle Claw (standard; at will)
Reach 3; +11 vs. AC; 1d10+4 damage and the target is grabbed.

Melee/ Choke (standard; at will)
Grabbed target only, +9 vs. Fortitude; 1d10+4 damage.

Body Shield (immediate interrupt, when targeted by a melee or ranged attack vs. Reflex or AC; recharge with a successful tentacle claw attack or choke)
The grindylow makes its grabbed victim the target instead. The grindylow cannot use this power to redirect attacks made by a creature it is currently grabbing.

Chameleon Hide (minor; at will)
The grindylow gains concealment until the start of its next turn. It can’t use this power while grabbing a creature or while grabbed.

Drown (standard; at will)
Grabbed target only; the grindylow may pull the target creature into the water in which it lairs, causing it to drown.

Alignment evil; Languages primordial
Str 19 (+7) – Dex 18 (+7) – Wis 13 (+4)
Con 12 (+4) – Int 10 (+3) – Cha 6 (+1)
Skills Stealth +12

Grindylow are repulsively eel-like creatures with a perpetually damp, black skin. Their long arms sport equally long fingers, which have a fearful strength. They are a scourge and the subject of many a warning by cautious mothers.


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