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PHB3 Reviewed at Critical Hits, and My Thoughts

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on March 18, 2010 by apocryphalmusings

A mostly positive review of the Player’s Handbook 3 is up over on the Critical Hits website.

Overall, I concur with the reviewer: the book is mostly good.  Of the races, I’m most partial to the shardmind and wilden; I’m thinking of some sort of nautical reskin where they’re a conglomerate of little shells and coral bits.  I think that would look neat.  Mechanically, I guess the race wouldn’t change.  The wilden are good and a neat race, but I think the thing with three racial encounter powers is a bit intimidating, and almost in my mind makes this more of a mini-class than a race.  In my mind’s eye, they’re just a bit like the Green Man of medieval lore, and so I’d take a cue from the shifter and split them into three or four seasonal subtypes, and give each aspect to a season.  Maybe I could draw a bit of inspiration from the Seasonal Courts in Changeling: the Lost.  The monk and psion, I think, are good classes and the seeker reminds me quite a bit of the 3e arcane archer prestige class.  The whole hybrid thing is a neat idea, and maybe it’s the Gygaxian-era grognard in me but I think this is something I’ll allow.  Summons up the good ol’ days of the fighter/thief and the almighty wizard/cleric…