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Level 10 Elite Skirmisher
Large fey magical beast (aquatic), XP 1,000

Initiative +8; Senses Perception +11, darkvision
HP 244; bloodied 122
AC 26; Fortitude 36, Reflex 30, Will 29
Speed 10, swim 10

Basic Melee/ Kick (standard; at will)
+15 vs. AC; 2d6+5 damage.

Melee/ Double Attack (standard; at will)
The aughisky may make two kick attacks.

Feast of the Rent Flesh (immediate reaction, when an enemy is killed)
The aughisky may feast upon the body of a fallen enemy, gaining a measure of its strength; the aughisky gains a number of temporary hit points equal to the level of the foe.

Combat Advantage
If an aughisky has combat advantage against the target, the target is also knocked prone on a hit.

Alignment chaotic evil; Languages Common, Elven
Skills Athletics +17, Bluff +12, Diplomacy +12, Insight +11, Stealth +11
Str 24 (+12) – Dex 13 (+6) – Wis 13 (+6)
Con 17 (+8) – Int 10 (+5) – Cha 14 (+7)
Action Point 1

An aughisky, or water horse, is a fey creature resembling a massively-built black stallion. Being a supernatural creature by its very nature, there are countless minor variations on its appearance; some have a mane tinged green with algal growths, resembling nothing so much as a mat of mere-weed, some are truly demonic in appearance and can be mistaken for evil extraplanar beings.